How To Customize Your Browser To Make It More Accessible

In this video, I demonstrate several ways to customize your Internet browser to make it easier to use. This includes things like changing the theme and installing plug-ins. This will work for just about any Internet browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.

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27 bình luận cho “How To Customize Your Browser To Make It More Accessible

  1. Any suggestions for excel sheets? Only thing I’ve found is to turn on high contrast on windows but then I can’t highlight anything on the spreadsheets unless I turn off high contrast.

  2. What is google going to learn how to voice control turn on it I’ll talk back I really need to know the answer because Google is too small not to do this simple test

  3. Thing i hate the most about browsers is even with dark mode enabled, your still blasted with white pages!! I can’t stand white backgrounds trying to read text,. I like dark background on everything with easy to read text. For the most part, I can’t read stuff on a bright white background

  4. Thanks for this, I see text better with black background a white text but I was always bit worried about using third party themes incase of any security issues so I only use Chrome developers. I'm now trying out Dark Read extension but not the any themes.

    I think Dark Read is a VERY good extension with many variables, easy to use and quick to turn off. Great recordation, thanks 👌👍

    Oh for a side note for anyone else who did not know you can change the screen zoom just using Ctrl + mouse wheel 🙂

  5. So Live Accessible did a video recently on Edge accessibility. Its quite nuts, would love to know if Chrome and Firefox had similar extensions that did the same thing.

  6. Hey Sam, Mel here, of the former "Melissa's World" now I have a new channel "Melissa's Legally Blind World" and I am ok, good news on the contrast front, I too now got dark reader and you and Dani Marie AUC are not lying, it's a AWESOME extension. Now I don't have to do "control, alt, I" too much anymore, which is amazing. thanks for the advice Sam and Dani.

  7. I think the Microsoft Edge has a GREAT built in feature – Read text – just right clik on test and start listening to the text. And the new voices are very natural. Realy recoment it to check it out.

  8. Hello! Can you please do a video Android vs Apple? Samsung vs iPhone? I have heard that Samsung is better with screen, contrast and brightness and iPhone is better for totally blind that only uses voice over so my question for you is, which is better if you need both high contrast bog screen BUT sometimes uses screen reader?

  9. You've got to try out the edge read aloud feature… it's pretty good! Of course there's the magnifier reader, but with the read aloud, you can navigate away and multi task. 😊

  10. Checking out themes now. Thanks again. I find what I need nost are ways to use the computer. I am on a Mac. They should have a set of videos for the VIP, IMHO.
    In this video, I see you zooming in to the page. I want to that. Seems you do that with a MSFT extension or command. Must be a way I can do that on my Mac. Okay, I see how to do that but I am not as nomble as you are, bro.

  11. I use READ ALOUD Extension for text to Speech on Chrome and it works really really well in multiple languages. It also auto recognizes the language. You have to highlight text to use it. It´s free – I love it and use it all the time!

  12. Thanks Sam

    I can highly recommend the NightEye extension. It is exceptional with a memory of settings specific to each domain

    Li use a screen reader for text reading.

  13. Since Edge is built on Cromium now, I'm surprised you didn't discuss the accessibility features there, too. It's a very similar experience to these, but it has a reader built in, and uses the same extensions.
    One of the things that creates a confusing experience when I use a screen reader to navigate the browser is popup windows. I have found that they can be eliminated effectively with UBlock Origin, which works in both Chrome and Edge.

  14. I have several extensions on text to speech I could not find the one that I was speaking of it's too hard for me with my 90% eye Loss I am actually using a program that is writing this message for me by voice hopefully you understand what I'm saying sometimes it messes up my words it doesn't say it correctly but it would be a very nice extension for people with very bad eyesight it helps me out greatly I love it thank you and have a wonderful day

  15. You should touch base on text to speech extensions plugins ik cetera I believe these would help many people in there everyday tasks with the vision impairment like I have I use them on mine and it works pretty well I don't have to highlight anything just tap a sentence and it speaks to me I don't know what the extension is only works on Google Chrome nothing else wish it worked for windows operating systems as well as Google Chrome try to do a video on text to speech extensions for Chrome they are a wonderful help for me and I believe they would be wonderful help for others thank you god bless

  16. New tab studio extension for chrome! Basically you can customize and resize anything you see in your new tab as if you’re composing a PowerPoint slide!! Giant search bar slap bang in the middle, a clock that takes up the entire screen, you name it

  17. I've not tried the dark theme extension you showed, I use the Deluminate. since I've spent months customizing it, I probably won't switch up – the things I like about it – it remembers settings based on URL, so you can customize frequently visited sites. it also is easy to turn on and off (SHIFT F11). . it can reverse image graphics and pictures if you want. the only real issue I have with it is more the fault of the website – Amazon – the video side is different from the shopping side of their site, so if I set one to be black themed, the other side is white and visa versa. annoying. fix it Amazon! 🙂

    I never got the hang of windows screen reader, I've been using "Read About". you can read a whole page or just selected text. select the text with our cursor and right click to see the context for 'read' – marked with a big megaphone icon so you can find it quickly. you can also use ALT-O (stops reading and clears buffer), ALT-P (start / pause reading) ALT-, (previous paragraph) and ALT-. (next paragraph). the shortcut keys are awesome.

    These are the ones I'm used to using now, so I doubt I'll change, but I'll check yours out.

  18. Hi Sam . Your videos have been really helpful . I would love if you make videos about you dealt with some social problems you faced due to low vision in dating , jobs and meeting new people as i really struggle in all of them .

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