29 bình luận cho “Sailor Moon Eternal : Outer Senshi & Eternal Sailor Moon Transformation

  1. Man why are people so ungrateful and annoying! I don’t care if this is terrible animation etc. I love the original 90s transformations. I also want to enjoy this it’s so annoying how people are complaining!

  2. The animation is so beautiful, I can’t wait to see it in the actual movie. And finally after all these years we have a transformation for Sailor Saturn. It better be like an actual transformation like the others and not something brief.

  3. The first Saturn transformation and this what we get…
    Sailor moon crystal keeps disappointing. I've no time for the die hard fan delusions. Saturn's transformation could have been better- period.

  4. I like how they brought back the 90s eyes but I'm not impressed with the outer senshis' transformations. They just copied them from the 90s but still can't surpass it. The proportions look horrible. Just look at their eyes. It looks rushed.
    I heard the 90s animator returned but this is turning out to be just like the Crystal season 3 trying harder to copy the 90s style.
    So far the best one I've seen is Sailor Mercury's transformation. Yet the other Inner Senshis don't look that good. I just hope they'll continue improving.

  5. If you notice, the sounds in Pluto's trasformation are just like the original!!!
    Also, is it just me but Neptune's face looks kinda weird when she opens her eyes? I liked the previous version actually

  6. We waited for this for decades .. we survived 2020 to see these.. I hope its all worth it.
    Anyhow since Pluto was exactly like the original, I hope they just did the same with Uranus and Neptune and used the classic music.. hope saturn's is a bit longer, to compensate for all those years she didnt have one..

  7. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to see the exact same transformations instead of a whole new one. They obviously either catered to nostalgic fans too hard, or they were just too lazy to make something new, could be a mix of both.

  8. I wish the reboot art style stayed the same as it did in season 1-2 of crystal. They would have looked amazing in their eternal form . Now they look like every magical girl with no nose and a bobble head.

  9. This is disappointing, Uranus and Neptune's transformations seem to be the exact same as in Sailor Moon Crystal, and also Pluto's is the same as in the original Sailor Moon… Saturn is our only hope

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