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  1. bro i do same shet in lane and i get fead very easy but next thin i seen when i pres tab
    enemy jhin have 24 fuking kills 18 minute in game and he on shots me whit pasiv 4th auto
    like how mi gona win…..

  2. this blew my mind a bit. i always thought that im not that bad, but this felt like i always played with my eyes closed. ive always played these situations by gut, and just passively evaluate situations, keeping track of minions and stuff. but i wouldve missed this so fuckin obvious flash stun from jax so hard and die. i felt so stupid, cause it really was so frkn obvious …

  3. On the tip for pushing the lane. What I often see is laner blindly pushing. No wards, then get gank. Repeat another 2 more time. Yup, they are done for and they start blaming jg or just throw the game

  4. bcos illaoi exists, and she one hits you with one e , because sett will all in you and when at a third health kills you because he gained all his health back in shields; because I leashed, lost the first 2 minions now he has a two minion xp lead; and because he's an ignite tramp who can't win a fight without an extra bit of true dmg and 60 percent grievous. that's it those are the only reasons i have ever lost lane.

  5. lmao just know the matchup give use some resources maybe that would be helpful for learning matchups i feel I struggle with this the most as I don't fully know how the champs interact

  6. Since I watch a lot of guides and VOD about matchups and laning in general, I came to a point where I can easily spot mistakes and punish them; went from gold 3 to almost gold 1 in a night thanks to that. It's all about consistency and thinking ahead at the end.

  7. Tips 1, 2 and 4 are the main reasons i can win toplane or midlane as an ad carry main. Only when i know the champion and can apply tip 1 ofc. Tip 3 is something i had realised only until very recently when i noticed i was losing lane way too often.

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