Death Certificate – Binding of Isaac: Repentance Item Guide

Binding of Isaac: Repentance Item guide
Death Certificate
00:00 Intro
00:04 Unlock
00:05 Where to find + basics
01:24 Revisiting the area
01:59 Area reset
02:30 Curse of the Blind effect
02:41 Interaction with Black Rune/Void/Abyss
03:11 Use of Red Key
03:21 Interaction with Moving Box
03:46 Interaction and bug with Ventricle Razor
04:10 Interaction with Magic Skin
04:31 Interaction with Metronome
04:49 Tainted Cain’s crafting area
05:23 Exiting the area
05:32 Bag of Crafting recipes

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Music: Antibirth OST – 07 Forgotten Lullaby

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  1. So I'm confused, in platinum god it says that you unlock this item by getting every post it mark in the game does not mean hard mode marks. And this video is quite old if compared to a newer update

  2. >Be me, Cain with diplopia
    >Be not me, coop friend apollyon with void
    >Get death certificate
    >Realize I can make my friend a GOD if we do a pro gamer move
    >Make him take breakfast

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